Exploring the Natural Beauty of Thailand

Thursday, 20.08.2020

Hey from Wander.

At Wander, we like to openly talk about about the natural sources of inspiration around us. Each issue is focused on a deeper theme embedded within travel and exploration, including interviews with influential travellers, photographers and artists.

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Riding Solo: A Trip Around the World

Wednesday, 12.08.2020

Current Issue

Issue 01: Emergence

Exploring the secluded Keeling Islands and catching up with lifestyle blogger Jean Morris and other adventure photographers

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Latest Stories

A curated list of this week’s latest stories, hand picked by our editorial team.

Street Photography with world renowned city photographer, John Freeman

by Bayo A.

3 Weeks in the Dessert without our everyday luxuries

by Amelia F.

Exploring Istanbul - seeing the city through the eyes of a local

by Amelia F.

Self exploration and discovery through solo travelling and off-path trails

by Bayo A.

Appreciating simplicity - the little details matter

by Larry M.

There are no boundaries with digital nomad and world traveller, Larry Jones.

by Amelia F.

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